Hedge Cutting

At Simply Gardens, we provide the very best in hedge maintenance, hedge trimming, and hedge cutting services

Our professional and reliable hedge cutting service is available all year round on a once-off or a continuous basis and, if required, we can re-size and reshape your hedges for you.

We can bring even the most unruly hedging or trees under control. With our commercial grade hedge cutters and chainsaws, we have the equipment, knowledge, and skills to get even the toughest jobs done quickly and efficiently. Even very tall hedges are no problem and can be pruned with specialist equipment and scaffolding. A well maintained hedge can completely change the look of a domestic or commercial building. An overgrown hedge can look extremely messy and unclean, whereas a neatly trimmed hedge not only gives a more positive impression but also makes an outdoor space look larger and better maintained. Simply Gardens will ensure that all green and organic waste is completely removed from the site and is disposed of correctly, leaving behind a perfectly clean and uniform hedge.

Simply Gardens expert hedge maintenance services are available to both domestic and commercial customers at the most competitive prices. Whether you need a small hedge trimmed and tidied or require a large hedge overhaul you can trust Simply Gardens to provide high quality results.

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